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Here is a wonderful chance for you to see some behind the scenes images from the film. You'll get the idea that it was pretty much all go all the time for the people working on it, there wasn't much time to read a book or play or chat with friends. It was the hard work and long hours of the team of the team that meant such a good film could be made for so cheap.

Conan Stevens cooking his special bodybuilding diet requirements on set during the filming of Bangkok Adrenaline. Conan is quite a cook and even has his own Internet Cooking Show.

To film the actors as they drove around the city of Bangkok the car was loaded onto a trailer with the camera mounted outside on the trailer. This eliminated engine noise from the GTO as the engine was drowning out the recording of the actors dialogue.

Engine noise was recorded later and added back in as required

A view from inside the original GTO as the camera filmed in. One thing to note in this scene the black car (black paint absorbs heat) is packed with 5 big guys in the tropical heat of Thailand with no aircon (too much noise for sound recordings) and little ventilation.

Needless to say the car soon became a sauna.

Dan at the photo shoot for the cinema posters and DVD covers. You can see here Dan had an accident on his motor bike when a taxi suddenly did a u-turn in front of him, causing him to t-bone the taxi.

Dan attributed only a broken arm to his stunt and acrobatic training and ability to break-fall, similar to Conan when he had a motorcycle accident.

Here the actors from Bangkok Adrenaline are in a sound studio recording fight sounds and dialogue that were unclear at the time of recording.

The actors and investors at the Buddhist blessing ceremony for good luck in filming Bangkok Adrenaline.

This is taken very seriously in Thailand, even filming had to be delayed to suit a lucky date given to the production team by a tarot card reader. Raimund argued that this was pure superstition and agreed to see another tarot reader to show them it was all made up.

Chance/fate would have it that this second tarot reader independantly came up with the exact same date to start filming, so initial filming was delayed a few weeks.

As Raimund was later quoted as saying "What could I say after that?"

Conan, Dan, Lex and Ice at the Buddhist ceremony as the monks chant in Thai asking for blessings.

After a hard day filming stunts Ice has taken a nap out of the way of the film crew.

On 12 hour shoots with 1 hour travel time each way plus the actors still needing to perform their daily tasks (gym, washing, paying bills, etc) you end up with a lot of tired people after a few weeks.

You can be assured that Ice wasn't the only one taking a nap.

Gwion presents the actors green room for relaxing in low budget style.

This hot tin roofed shack was the actors 'green room' for relaxing between takes, add in that the recording crew were also stationed here and you end up with 10-12 people sitting here at anyone time.

The alternative was to stand in the hot tropical sun.

Dan an Pooh on the way to film, the umbrellas are to keep the sun off the actors to keep them more comfortable and also to keep them from going red in the scorching heat.

It wouldn't look good in the final edit if Dan's face went back and forth from white to red to white in various cuts.

Ice and the Thai stunt team after a hard day pretending to be beaten up (they were actually beaten up on a different day).

Conan Stevens appearing as Conan with his chicken.

Conan's constant food requirements became a joke both in the movie and in real life as he has to eat every two hours to maintain his huge size.

Conan later admitted the scene where he takes the food from the kitchen was partly from playing in character and in fact partly because he wanted to eat the chicken.

Funnily enough the props department tried to give Conan this same chicken back on the next day of filming. Not surprisingly Conan demanded a fresh chicken - considering he was to eat it.

Conan and the Mini Minor. There was a deleted scene in the Thai version that was added to the DVD extras involving a scene where Conan is sent to get a van and turns up in the midget mechanics Mini, much to the consternation of the other characters.

As Raimunds character John in exasperation says "How are five people going to fit in there?"

Geoffrey Giuliano plays the father and main nemisis of the boys throughout hte movie. Geoffrey was chosen for this role as he tends to be fairly high strung at times and as such was ideal for the role as the character swung between calm business like manner and uncontrolled outburts.
Here Ice is lowered over the edge of the mansion in the scene where Lex and Dom interrogate him. This is the only scene in the movie were a rope or wire was used. In this case it was necessary to use the rope to hold Ice in place safely while several takes were filmed.
The safety crash area for Ice to fall if anything went wrong in the scene. In the 'trailers' section of this site you can see the process of building this common type of landing pad for a high fall (Making Of A High Stunt Fall).

Conan at the launch party and opening night of Bangkok Adrenaline.

Conan was more than surprised to find out that the producers considered him the biggest name foreign movie celebrity for the outside of Bangkok movie release, so this was the cardboard cut out that was supplied to cinemas up country with Conan fronting and all the name Thai celebrities (mainly comedians) behind him.

Conan waiting for a close up shot to start filming.

You can tell by the expression on his face that he is psyched up.

Finally Conan plays Mad Max 2, well he wore the mask that seems to have been inspired by the "Lord Humungous, ruler of the wasteland" lead bad guy anyway.

Raimund directing the dialogue and characters as the crew and some investors/producers look on.

The faked up newspaper article about Irene (Pooh) being kidnapped, you can clearly see the 'article' is just stuck on top of the newspaper but then for a quick flash onscreen the audience won't pick up details like that.

And it is much cheaper than printing up a full page newspaper.

Irene (Pooh) 'kidnapped' in the hideout, an old abandoned building.

Old broken and incredibly used furnicture was found (the dump?) and used in the filming.

And the punching bag hanging just in front of her was used to good effect by Gwion to punctuate some of his initial lines with Pooh.

Opening night of Bangkok Adrenaline in Bangkok, Thailand.
The exterior of the abandoned house that the heroes use as a hideout. Transformed into a film studio for several days, it makes sense to find locations that are suitable rather than building studio sets all the time, especially when the film is on a tight budget.

Cast and crew watching their takes between filming.

As you can see nearly everyone is laughing, a good start for an action/comedy movie when even the actors are laughing.

Conan and the midget mechanics.

A scene that was originally planned as rather straight, went comedic, then a little over the top as Raimund took the idea of having an angry Louie abusing me to a whole workshop full of dwarves - in stark contrast to Conan Stevens full 7 feet of height.

Raimund Huber and Conan Stevens on the first day of working on the Bangkok Adrenaline movie script.

Over the next 30 days they wrote the full edits with the 3rd edit used to secure investment money and for the filming. 30 days is almost unheard of to go from idea to full script and it goes to show how well these two fellows meshed into a turbo charged script writing team.

Gregory Eismin, aka "King Kong" started out as an extra in Thai movies and worked his way up the ladder to Assistant Director in Bangkok Adrenaline.

By learning to speak Thai fluently ("learn one word a day and after 12 years you get to be pretty good") and fitting in with local expectations and cultural mores King Kong has secured himself a place in the Thai movie industry though hard work, dedication and his generally pleasing personality.

In this shot from a deleted scene King Kong played in a dream/nightmare of John - Irene(Pooh) was the dream who then morphed into Bulldog(King Kong) for hte nightmare.